PlayStation was a dream of some kids when it was launched. Sony sold an insane 150 million units and discontinued the ps2 in 2013.

But still, some kids don’t get a chance to enjoy those games in their childhood for many different reasons. Most of the common reason is its price. Ps2 was an expensive console back then. 

ps2 bios

If someone buys the ps2 then a new problem arises for buyers: the prices of their games. For every new game, the buyer has to purchase a new disk from the store. That’s why the gamers didn’t buy the ps2 back then.

However, they want to enjoy those games now and want to live in those old days with their siblings. 

Moreover, those games are free nowadays and easy to access. You just have to follow some basic steps and you’re ready to install those games on your android or your pc device.

In this post, we are going to give you a step-by-step guide, so that you can load ps2 games on your device. You don’t have to pay any money to anyone. Your only work is to download some files and install the software on your device.

What are PlayStation 2 Bios?

Bios are already installed in the old ps2 according to their hardware and software. Its main purpose is to run games smoothly and give you a better experience.

ps2 bios

However, you must have to install bios on your pc or your mobile, if you want to play games on your mobile. You can easily find bios on the internet. It’s totally free and very easy to install on any device.

Bios create a fake environment in your device same as ps2. So that games can run without any hassle on your device. 

If you didn’t install bios on your device then ps2 games show you some error or either they didn’t load on your device. Bios trick games as they are installed in ps2.

Steps You Should Follow For Bios Installation In your Device.

You can play games on your PC as well as your smartphone. The process of installing bios is similar on both platforms. Make sure you follow all steps carefully. We will try to explain to you every detail of those steps.

Here are some steps you have to follow for the installation of bios on your device.

Those steps are easy for everyone, even if you are not familiar with bios or any technical terms.

Step 1 – Install Emulator On your Device

If you want to play games on your android smartphone you have to download any PlayStation Emulator on your device(Demon Ps2 Recommend). Or if you’re running on windows then you have to download the software on your PC (PCSX2 Recommended)

ps2 bios

After downloading the complete install software/ application on your device don’t forget to (enable unknown sources) for Android devices.

It’s an easy task. Let’s move to secure steps. If you ever install anything on your device then you can relate to step 1.

Step 2 – Install Ps2 Bios in your Device

Bios are used for loading games on your device. It shows the same hardware confirmation as the ps2. 

It basically shows retro games that your device is a ps2 during installation. If you don’t do that, games are unable to run on your device. 

The reason for installing bios is simple: ps2 games are made for ps2. That’s why we install ps2 bios so we can trick games to run on your device as they run on a PlayStation.

You can find any bios file from the magic of Google just type your emulator name with its version and you can download it from the internet.

After successfully downloading a zip bios file make sure you expect the files on your device. And place it in an easy location, where you can find it later.

ps2 bios

Now it’s time to run an Emulator on your device, open your emulator and go to your bios file and run it. That’s it, you’re ready.

Now the emulator is ready to run any games now find the games down in their zip file on your device and place them where you can find them easily. Same as the bios file.

Step 3 – Run Games

Now you’re ready to load any games in your emulator. Choose wisely and download the game file on your device.

On the internet many websites are available for retro games, so you’re not going to miss any games. Always download American iso files for a good gaming experience with the English language. There are Euro and Japanese versions but they are useless for you.

After downloading the zip file to your device go to your emulator and find the unzip game folder and click on it. It’ll automatically load games onto your device.

Now you can adjust the game controller, and graphics and customize other important settings as per your need.

If your game is lagging make sure you decrease the resolution in your emulator.

Requirement For Emulator

Minimum Requirements For PC:

  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 or higher
  • CPU: SSE4.1 or higher 1600 Single Thread Performance on Passmark w/ 2 physical cores and hyperthreading support.
  • Memory: 4 GB Ram or more
  • Graphics Hardware: OpenGL 3. x supported GPU and 2 GB ram or DirectX 10

Minimum Requirements for Smartphones:

  • Operating system: Android version 5.0 or higher version.
  • Ram: 2 GB or more
  • Chipset: Snapdragon 835 or higher version.

Here are Some Games You Can Enjoy

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

It’s an all-time favorite game for almost every gamer. It’s available on every platform. If you love open-world games then you’re going to love the games.

It’s one of the greatest games ever made with a great story and multiple missions. Games come with great graphics with cool sounds effect 

God Of War

It’s an action-adventure game created by Sony. It’s a successful games franchise made for PlayStation and PC platforms. It started with PlayStation 2 and is still played by many gamers.

If you want to install games in your emulator you can download them from any trusted website and install it in your emulator.

Resident Evil 4

Did you watch any resident evil? movie if not you must watch the movie before downloading the game in your emulator.

This game is full of zombies and blood if you’re comfortable with both then download it otherwise you can’t get sleep at night.

Final Words

Emolouter is great software made by many different developers. It’s available on almost every platform and you can access any games without any problem you just have to do some research about games.

If you’re serious about games then you need lots of free storage on your device. Because ps2 games come with very high data and graphics.